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Texas Executive 24 Hour Mobile Notary Service

Your local source for Professional Mobile Notary & Loan Signing Services

A Notary Public or their employer may not collect fees in excess of those listed below as authorized by Texas Notary Law. Anyone who charges fees in excess of those authorized by law should be reported to the governor's office or Secretary of State.

Basic Notary Services:

♦ Taking an Acknowledgment First Signature – $6

 Taking an Acknowledgement Each Additional Signature - $1

  Administering an Oath or Affirmation - $6

 Taking the Deposition of a Witness (for each 100 words) - $0.50

 Swearing a Witness for a Deposition - $6

 Certifying a non-recordable photocopy - $6

 Providing an uncertified copy of an entry from a Notary's record book (per page) $0.50

 Certifying an entry from a Notary's record book (per page) - $6

 Protesting a bill for non-acceptance or non-payment register and seal - $4

 Each Notice of Protest - $1

 Protest in all cases - $4

 Certificate and Seal to such protest - $4

Loan Packages*

♦ Your Location Full Document Loan Signing – $125

♦ Your Location Loan Modification – $75

* The following are my standard rates; however, all rates are negotiable. All loan signing fees will be negotiated with company on a case by case basis. I also offer discounted rates to those providing high volume business, Military Members/Veterans and Law Enforcement.

      We Accept for payment Cash, all major Debit/Credit Cards Contactless Payments i.e. Apple/Android Pay and Paypal, but we charge a 2.75% conveinence fee for all Debit/Credit Transactions


As a Certified Notary Public…
these are just a few of the documents I can notarize for you:

♦ Affidavits

♦ Deeds – Deed of Trust, Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed

♦ Documents – Financial, Insurance, Legal, Medical

♦ Living Trusts

♦ Loan Documents – Purchases, Refinances, Reverse Mortgages

♦ Powers of Attorney

As a Certified Loan Signing Agent…
I provide the following loan signing services:

♦ Pick-up and delivery of loan documents

♦ Meet with borrowers at a mutually agreeable location

♦ Obtain all signatures and initials on documents

♦ Notarize documents as required


Mobile Notary Service is provided for all of Houston Texas.